Saturday, May 2, 2009

#96 Recipes to the Rescue

#96 Recipes to the Rescue
Today is Free Comic Book Day and in my family that's a big deal. All the big comic stores hand out free comics all day and we wouldn't miss it! They'll have artists drawing your favorite super heros and folks dressed up in costume. Who doesn't enjoy men in tights? It's a fun family day for young and old!

My husband passed along his love of comics to my daughter. Now she REALLY loves them, Superman is a favorite! In fact she worked one summer in a comic store just to be around them, see photo. Comic stores are not dirty dark places where pimply geeks hang out any more. Okay, the geeks are still there but now it's fashionable and cool. Have you noticed how many of the recent big blockbuster movies have been taken right from the pages of comics. It's a huge trend, they're everywhere, even in cookbooks.

This is a neat one but with the bright graphics the recipes get lost and there's no pictures of the food. It's hard to believe it's by Better Homes and Gardens. I do have one other comic cookbook on my wish list. It's by DC comics and it's called Super Heroes Super Healthy. I'm sure I'll find it someday. My daughter, Supergirl, might even cook if she had it in her kitchen.

Today is also special because it's my Aunt Joan's birthday and she's a faithful reader of my blog. Happy Birthday! The cookbook for today is #96 Recipes to the Rescue, Thrilling Kitchen Adventures...Just in the Nick of Time!

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