Tuesday, May 5, 2009

#97 Mexican Recipes

#97 Mexican Recipes
Happy Cinco de Mayo!!
I love Mexican food and I should be having a big party tonight but this is a very busy time of the year around here. Plus we just had a Mexican Fiesta in November. I hand made a Pinata and lots of paper flowers, see photo. I have a great recipe for a baked chimichangas, it's easy to make ahead for crowds. The picture shows them before they were baked. I didn't get a picture of the plates, they were very pretty. I had some of my guests help plate the rice and refried beans and add all the little extras.I also did fried ice cream, that's always a hit.
Of course with Mexican beers and frozen Margaritas, you can't go wrong. My friend who just visited from the States brought me up 12 cans of Ro*Tel tomato sauce, so I'm all ready. Gee, now I wish I had planned another party but I'll wait till it warms up around here and move the party outside. Cookbook #97 is Mexican Recipes from the Everyday Cooking Collection. It even comes with a CD of music to set the mood.

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