Friday, April 3, 2009

#81 Cooking with Days of our Lives

#81 Cooking with Days of our Lives

I just got this in an email from a friend. "I don't even have time to watch DAYS, will have to watch 2 of them tomorrow. They just killed off a character. They are really cutting the budget. The network said they would only let them stay on if they got rid of a lot of the expensive actors. They've ousted 2 couples and I think one of the younger less expensive ones quit and now they killed off one of the older characters".
Maybe this explains why I found this cookbook at Goodwill the other day, the fans may be starting to jump ship too. I do feel your pain K! I was addicted to a soap for many, many years. It started when we moved to Canada and I could get "Coronation Street" on TV for the first time. This is a very famous British soap that's been on the air for 49 years. For the first two years I couldn't even tell what they were saying most of the time but I loved it. It was so much better than the US soaps, sorry again. The people were not great beauties, poor little Gail has no chin and Hilda never took the curlers out of her hair. Their clothing was not something you envied, Bet Gilroy wore leopard skin prints and skirts that were way too short. The houses aren't mansions, in fact they butt up to each other, they're about 12 ft. wide and the front door opens right on to the sidewalk. It's not posh at all but it had great appeal.

They were family and they knew everything about everyone else on the street. In a US soap, if someone is having an affair or gets pregnant, they can keep this secret for months and years. On Coronation Street, before the rabbit was even cold, the word was out and there was never much mystery about "who da baby daddy?". Most of this information was exchanged while they all sat around having a pint at the Rover's Return Pub while eating a nice hot pot. Can you believe there's a Coronation Street Cookbook by Graham Carlisle and I don't have it? It is on my list of books I'm always looking for. I do have lots of other Coronation Street books and even the official game, see photo.

Anyway, you can imagine how thrilled I was when Hubby told me we would be heading off to live in Cambridge, England. Finally I could visit the land of all my TV friends. I've already mentioned that I don't drink much beer but as soon as we got there, I had to visit a pub. I marched proudly up to the bar at the Grapes Pub and asked for a pint. The barmaid looked at me but didn't rush to the tap to pull my first pint. It worked on the show why not for me, was she confused by my Kansas accent? I repeated it again, "a pint please". She glanced at the regulars and asked in a loud voice, "OF WHAT?". I had absolutely no clue of what, so I said what all the folks on Corrie said, "the usual". Now a word to others who might try this, it only works if you've been going to the place for years and they actually know you. This will save you a lot of embarrassment. Maybe this is the reason I stopped watching Corrie soon after our return. No, I think it was because they were a year ahead of us over there and I had already seen them all.

I plan to give the Days cookbook to my friend so she can look forward to making Titan Gym Juice and Fruit Smoothies. She can make the menu from Bo Brady's wedding dinner or John and Marlena's Breakfast in Bed. I wonder if they're all still on the show, this book is from 1997 and things do change but very, very slowly on most of these. Cookbook #81 is Cooking with Days of our Lives by Paulette Cohn and Dotty Griffith.

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