Thursday, April 9, 2009

#87 The Delights of Russian Cuisine

#87 The Delights of Russian Cuisine

I just got some new Bling this week, not a ring or necklace, I got a gold crown. Blah, I wasn't thrilled about getting my first crown and then I find out the dentist thinks I need a gold one. Now I fully expect to have a lovely Golden Crown when I get to Heaven but I'm not dead yet. I feel like an old gypsy woman. When I go outside and smile I'm sure I'll blind people as the sun glints off of it. It's in the back, but still, I have a big smile and there it is shining for all to see. I guess I could pretend that I did it for economic reasons. Gold is still going up, I should have put all my spare money in my mouth. It would have done better than my other investments.

I guess I could pretend I'm going through a gangsta phase but I don't like rap and I sure don't want a tattoo. Maybe I should have checked out the price of having a small diamond set into the side of it. I like diamonds but that would just look stupid. Plus guess what, the dentist said the more I brush it, the brighter it will shine. I guess he thought this was good news? When he said it, he was smiling, and here I thought he had forgiven me for that one terrible blind date I fixed up for him. I promised never to play match maker again. Oh well, I guess I just won't brush that side and I'm wondering if Wite-Out is nontoxic. They say the water based one is low-odor and non-flammable. It's something to look into.

Anyway, the cookbook for today is #87 The Delights of Russian Cuisine by Yvonne Webb, for some reason I just felt a special bond with the ladies pictured here. I guess I shouldn't be complaining, at least I still have teeth.

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  1. When I took John to the Dr. this week there were 2 old couples in the waiting room speaking a foreign language. John thought it was Spanish but I knew that wasn't right, it sounded Russian to me. Sure enough we started chatting in English and they were from Ukraine. We discussed Easter recipes for a while.